Open Game Backend is built from the ground up to enable as many game developers as possible to write backend code & modify existing modules.



Modules have access to the following core components:

  • Scripts Scripts are used to write TypeScript & Deno code that runs on the backend. Request & response types are automatically validated.
  • Database Modules can write database schemas, query data from scripts with type safety, and automatically create + migrate databases.
  • User-Provided Config Modules can allow projects to pass configuration options to the module.
  • Errors Modules specify the types of errors that can occur in their scripts.

File structure


  • module.json Module configuration file. Documentation
  • scripts/
  • db/ (optional) Database-related files. Documentation
    • schema.prisma Database schema.
    • migrations/ Database migrations auto-generated from schema.prisma. This directory should not be manually modified unless you know what you are doing.
  • config.ts (optional) Defines user-provided config schema. Documentation
  • public.ts (optional) Exports shared functions & types across modules. Documentation