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The Only Backend Your Game Needs

See how Open Game Backend compares to PlayFab, Supabase, and Nakama.

How OpenGB Works

OpenGB Architecture


Setup Project

Start by installing the users module, generating an SDK, and starting the server.

# Create project
opengb init
# Install module
opengb module add friends
# Generate SDK to communicate with OpenGB for your game engine
opengb sdk generate --output path/to/sdk typescript
# Start dev server & database
opengb dev

See all available modules here.


Call Backend Scripts

Use the SDK you just generated to call backend scripts. You can see the documentation for users.get here.

const backend = new BackendApi({ endpoint: "http://localhost:6420" });
const data = await backend.callUsersGet({ userIds });
console.log("Users", data.users);

Deploy to Production (optional)

Deploy a production-grade scalable backend to Rivet Cloud or self-host on your own servers.

rivet backend deploy prod

Requires installing the Rivet CLI.


Write Your Own Module (optional)

Open Game Backend is designed to scale & adapt to the needs of your game. Easily extend & modify modules using TypeScript, no backend experience required.

# Create new module
opengb create module my_leaderboard
# Add new script
opengb create script my_leaderboard submit_score

Read more about how to build your own modules here.


These modules are thoroughly reviewed, tested, and documented to help you get your game backend up and running as quickly as possible. Learn more about creating your own module and using your own registries.